The Book of Tales

Muggle Descriptions

Keeper of the Gardens, daughter of Pick and Pluck.

Lady Catherine’s personal maid, mother of Kathleen.

Citizen of Aura before The Thirty Year War.

Naddie andNeddie’sname for the twins.

He is a stuttering sea cow.

Golda’snephew, son of Renona, Golda’s youngest sister and her husband, died when Bluster was seven years old, he is now sixteen, and very insecure. He loves Nardles, a Muggle/Nevil.

He is age eighteen, very doubtful, doesn’t speak often, but grunts quite a bit. He has a dirty face, smells like swamp water, green mold grows on his clothing, a Muggle/Nevil.

Zyn’s pet Nardle.

He is nine years old, very shy boy who blushes easily, brown eyes.

He is a big red cardinal, a basket weaver and friend of Seymour.

Groundskeeper for The House of Sheridan, and plays the violin.

(see Ocean Cherubs)

He is fifteen years old, muscular boy, chews bubblegum and blows bubbles he breaks with his fingertips. He wears an old black leather jacket he found, with the letters C.H.O.P.S. embroidered across the back. His given name is Peter, (see Peter), a Muggle/Nevil.

He is a sixty-five year old physician from The Village South.

A title given to Yur, the oldest male on Aura. He is married to Golda, and is the only grandfather. He is the guardian of The Ancient Book of Tales, (see Yur).

He is a thirty-two years old single man, who plays a flute made from a swamp tail.

He is seventeen years old, wears big blue sunglasses that extend beyond his face, a Muggle/Nevil, frightened, and bites his nails.

Oldest female on Aura, age seventy-nine, married to Yur, most often referred to as Grandma, slightly overweight, large round belly, short plump legs, olive complexion, wears magnifying glass on chain around her neck, pinafore apron over long flowered housedress, brown leather walking shoes, carries Worry Stone in her pocket, and has a calming personality.

Rat-like rodents, with long tails, course gray hair with black tips covers their bodies, and their faces resemble a rabbits, ears that curl slightly forward at the top, legs are short, but they can jump five feet in the air from a sitting position. They are nocturnal garbage eaters, daylight pests, live in Sticky Icky Swamp, or under boulders. They are afraid of Nardles, but not Muggles.

Lady Catherine’s nanny, and later her twin’s nanny.

Golda and Yur’s oldest son.

He is sixteen years old, and has a problem with his nerves. His hands shake terribly when he feels guilty, a Muggle/Nevil.

She is the eighteen-year-old daughter of Audrey, the first floor maid for The House of Sheridan, plays harp. LADY Cat is her nickname. She is the birth mother of Rah and Zyn, was CATHERINE married to Sir Geophrey Luttrell, she was three years old when her parents died and she became Lady Catherine of the House of Sheridan. Beautiful blonde, tall and thin, wears elegant garments.

Bumper’s pets Mick & May, green with blue & yellow heads. BIRDS

Dr. Dibb’s pet Nardle.

Humans left behind on Aura, The Forgotten People, conscientious objectors, sick and diseased, physically challenged, elderly, blind, deaf, savants, dwarfs, earning disabled, the Have Not’s. They became genetically mutated humans, hybrid humans, resemble children when fully grown, large hairless heads, tiny ears, large oval eyes, eyelids with no eyelashes, blue, violet, brown & green, lump cheeks, narrow shoulders, thin arms, chubby hands, three fingers & one thumb, no fingernails, thin legs, chubby feet, four toes, no toenails, round plump bellies, half-moon shaped belly button, height: 3’- 4’, weight: 45 lb.- 90 lb., skin Color: white, brown, beige or olive, vegetarians.

Muggle pregnancies are fourteen months long, birth height of a BABY Muggle Baby is between 12”- 14”, birth weight between 1.50lb.-2 lb.

From the Sea of Nebula, a Spooner of the Deep, twin sister of Neddie, misty young ladies who cared for the Bahbies, the nickname they gave to the twins as they cared for them on their ocean voyage.

Sand dogs live in sand burrows along the shoreline of Aura. They can smell Greeblies a mile away, and eat them for dinner. They have long beige hair that drags on the ground, bodies the size of lions, and are friendly to Muggles and Rah and Zyn. Muggles have them for pets and for protection from the Greeblies.

Zyn’s gang of followers, used to be Muggles, who are now frightened of them, they have become terrorists with bad attitudes. Nevils have made their new home on Aura in Hazy Hollow in the Manchineet Tree, next to Seven Secret Swamp. Bodies were singed from hot black tar, blistered and burned, their physical appearance changed after they landed on Dezra, they wore evil proudly upon their flesh, arms became hairy, bloated bellies, long nails, claw-like fingers. They are frightened of Shadow Monsters.

(see Naddie)

She is forty-six years old, the unmarried daughter of Yur and Golda. Wears a purple and yellow flowered housedress, old leather work boots and ankle socks, wire-rimmed half glasses hang at the end of her nose. She has no children of her own, but loves all children, and is the surrogate mother of Rah and Zyn.

OCEAN Cherub
protectors with bows and arrows, Cherub of the North,

Cherub of the South, Cherub of the East, Cherub of the West, protected twins on their ocean voyage.

He is a fourteen-year-old boy who is never nervous, would go with anyone and try anything at least once or twice. He is a thrill seeker, who only needs to be dared to attempt anything, very sarcastic, grumbles, has little to say about anything, but wants what he wants, when he wants it, a Muggle/Nevil.

He is a preteen boy, who loves Pitter. He and Pitter never stop holding hands until the babies arrived. Pink freckled cheeks, blue eyes, white complexion, square shoulders, right handed, known for snapping his fingers, wears loosely fitting overalls, and a bright yellow handkerchief hangs from his right pocket.

(see Chops)

She is a preteen girl, age twelve, who loves Patter, (see Patter), the daughter of Winkle, Keeper of the Bees. She is left handed, delicate body, blue eyes, wears pink and white gingham dress with tiny puffed cap sleeves, full length white eyelet apron.

Keeper of the Gardens, he is a fruit tree specialist, married Pick, father of Actavia, (see Pick).

She is a porpoise who is nosey, and irritates Buddy, the barracuda, friend of Benjamin.

Son of Lady Catherine and Sir Geophrey Luttrell, fraternal twin brother of Zyn. Richly tanned skin, long slender fingers, short groomed nails, walks confidently, muscular, violet blue eyes, 6’2” tall, weighs 175lb., soft spoken, compassionate, very intelligent, hard working, respected by Muggles, wears tan leather smock with braided leather and beaded belt, leather thong sandals with beaded straps wrapping up to his knees, braided silk bracelet, gold medallion, small drawstring pouch around his hips, lived with Nona in the tree house, until the completion of the Mill House.

Husband of Lady Catherine, died during the Thirty Year War, father GEOPHREY of Rahand Zyn.

(see Naddie and Neddie)

A fifteen-year-old Muggle/Nevil boy, short, wears his pants below his waist, tugs on others clothing, a Muggle/Nevil.

A nineteen-year-old Muggle/Nevil, his body shivers all over like he is cold. He agrees with everyone while he is with them, very weak personality, former Keeper of the Aviary.

He was the butler for and friend of Lady Catherine and The House of Sheridan.

Muggle Keeper of the Bees.

Chartreuse and white cat with a big grin, very naughty, chases birds.

The oldest male on Aura, he is the Elder, the only Keeper of the Ancient Book of Tales. He is the only grandfather on Aura, age ninety-eight, arthritic bowed legs, thin bent over body, uses cane to walk, hard of hearing, uses ear horn, his mind wonders, is sentimental, wears red flannel shirt with tan pants and leather suspenders. He is married to Golda, (see Golda).

Twin brother of Rah, leader of the Nevils, insecure and jealous of his brother, leaves Aura for Dezra, (see Rah).

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